Cancellation Policy

Anything you don’t like about the service? Well, read on to find out how you can change it.

1. How and till when can I modify my order ?

You can modify your order items up until one day before the agreed execution(printing and mounting) date. You can email us the modification details or call us. Execution date may change due to modification. If you modify the order items up until one day before printing and mounting your advertisement, booking amount and deposit will be charged as per new items in the order according to rates mentioned in the website at the time of ordering. This is a non transferable contract.

2. What is the procedure for cancelling an existing order ?

Once printed and mounted, an existing order cannot be cancelled. You can cancel your order up until one day before the agreed date of execution, the amount excluding printing and mounting will be refunded (actual amount will be calculated and refunded). You can place a cancellation request by emailing or calling us.

3. Can I modify my tenure after placing my order?

If your order has not been executed (printing and mounting), you can simply get in touch with our customer care team to modify the tenure. In such a scenario, your monthly rental amount will be calculated basis the revised tenure. However, once your order has been executed, you can modify the contract tenure as per the following flexi-tenure policy. In case of early termination, you can request for closing the order by informing us 15 days prior to the selected closure date. The difference in monthly rental rates between 'Contract tenure' (the tenure selected at order placement) and 'Actual tenure' (effective tenure at early closure) will have to be paid. The amount due will be calculated as: (Actual tenure rent - Contract tenure rent) * No. of months of Actual tenure. The applicable tenure rates for early closure are:
Upto 3 month's: Full 3 month's rental due
0-3 month’s: 1 month’s booking cost
3-6 month's: 3 month's booking cost
6-9 month's: 6 month's booking cost
9-12 month's: 9 month's booking cost
12-18 month's: 12 month's booking cost
Similarly, the contract for your order/one or more items from the order can be extended for the desired period by notifying us 15 days prior to the end of the contract.